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The Tameside Green Party promotes policies for a more equal society, a fairer more stable economy, and ecological sustainability. We also believe politicians should be more accountable to the communities they serve.

A vote for the Green Party means standing up for the rights and welfare of the many – not just the privileged few. You can place your trust in Green politicians. We are not afraid to stand up and defend the things that we believe in.

The Green Party, unlike all the other parties, is wholly democratic – our policy is developed and passed by the membership – not the leadership. We believe that each individual voice needs to be heard and listened to. We believe that it is our willingness to listen and embrace diverse views that makes us strong.

Also, unlike many other parties, the Green Party is growing. Every day more and more people join us and add their voice. 

Can you add your voice and help us make the Tameside a better place for everyone?

Three reasons to vote Green

Andy Hunter-Rossal



Ashton-Under-Lyne: Andy Hunter-Rossal

Andy, 30, is a maths teacher living in Failsworth. Andy is an active member of the community, organising regular Canal Clean Up events, arranging music for the local choir, and acting as co-ordinator of the local Green Party.

Opposing Theresa May's extreme Brexit plans Andy states, "The people voted to leave the EU, but they didn't vote to throw away environmental protections and worker’s rights. Nor did they vote to turn the Britain into a tax haven for the rich. We need strong voices in parliament fighting to keep the best bits of the EU in any Brexit deal, and committing to a ratification referendum after the negotiations."

"This election is also an opportunity to speak out for a bold new energy policy. We can keep the lights on more cheaply, create jobs and stop the planet from burning by standing up for renewable energy and opposing dangerous, polluting fracking."

Email Andy: andy.hunter.rossall@greenparty.org.uk

Call Andy: 07913061007

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 Gareth Hayes - Green Party Candidate Denton & Reddish  

 Denton & Reddish: Gareth Hayes

I moved to Manchester back in 2001. I’d fallen in love with this area while visiting student friends and resolved to move here when I could. In 2006 I moved with my now wife to the Reddish area, and have stayed in the Denton and Reddish constituency ever since. I know the area, I buy from local shops where possible, I have hired local facilities and tried to support where I can.

This election is about the future, they always are. What kind of future we want for the generation that will follow us. What kind of world do we want to leave them.

I have tried to stand up for what I believe is the right path for a better future. I marched in Stop The War, supported rallies to Save Reddish Vale and am aware of the Danebank Green Spaces campaign amongst others issues that are significant to the constituents in this area.

One of the biggest things that will shape the future is how we approach Climate Change and the Environment. This planet supports all life, and fairly rapidly now we are destroying it. Fracking is driving chemicals deep into the surface, with very little known about the long term effects this will have on the ground above. The government have removed cover for Green policies, and focussed once more on fossil fuels controlled by the big corporation. 
These among other problems combine to damage the world, and without the environment being safe and clean and healthy humanity will not survive.

More than this, we cannot allow the level of deception and self interest to continue in our government. Self interest helps only the individual and only in the short term, this election must be about more than that. It must be an election for a better future

 Julie Wood  

 Stalybridge & Hyde: Julie Wood

I live in Mossley and have done for nearly 17 years. I strongly believe that the Green Party is the way to stand up for the things that matter; young people, a fair economy, good care for older people, the environment on which we depend , housing and the NHS.
We have solid costed policies which will turn British Politics around,.. if we all dare....
As for me personally, I am a widow, I do some teaching of English to Adults and have studied both Anthroplogy and Theology and I am involved in a research project across those disciplines.
I took part in the G8 Scottish protests with the Clown Army, a positive and cheering way of doing protest, similarly the anti fossil fuel campaign at Drax, and local land protests among others.
Also in the constituency I was very involved in a local Church and was a founder member of a Stalybridge foodbank.
I look forward to getting to know more of the people in Stalybridge and Hyde and it would be a pleasure to serve as MP.

Email Julie: julie.wood@greenparty.org.uk

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